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Below are members sorted alphabetically according to first name. Putting a profile on this page is voluntary, but helpful in letting your fellow hacker know who you are and what kinds of things you're interested in.

(Note: If you cant add yourself alphabetically, Very Bad Things™ will happen.)

Any member is probably happy to help or answer questions, but our Directors are especially good to contact in case of any problems or sensitive questions, especially the Director of HR.

Board of Directors [edit]

Board Mike Kiamanesh.jpg Mike Kiamanesh
Executive Director
Board RobRistroph.jpg Rob Ristroph
Director of Operations
Board david-glusenco.jpg David Glusenco
Director of Public Relations
Unknown board.jpg Mert Eastman
Director of Finance
Board Joe.jpg Joe Ngo
Director of Human Resources
Board Martin Bogomolni.jpg Martin Bogomolni
Director of Education
Board Danny.jpg Danny Miller
Director of Facilities
Board Colin.jpg Colin Hendee
Director of Administration

If members wish to provide public contact information, you can find it on their "User:" page by clicking on their names below:

Our Co-Op Owners

Use the [Quorum Checker] to see what current quorum and majority are.
Legend: @(still owes joinder agreement), $$(still owes for B share OR bad standing, owes dues or other payment)
  • Acedillo, Encenito
  • Black, Roie
  • Bogomolni, Martin
  • Bonser, Paul
  • Bridges, Derek
  • Burghart, Kelly
  • Cassel, Riley
  • Choate, Aaron
  • Cottrell, Andrew
  • Delp, Mickey$$
  • Dunn, Clio
  • Eastman, Mert
  • Elrod, Thomas Erwin
  • Fealy-Choate, Cara
  • Franke, Chad
  • Fredlund, Tim
  • Garner, Vladimir
  • Hallmark, Elliot
  • Harris, Andrew
  • Howell, Andy@$$
  • Jackson, Christa
  • Kaemmerer, Matthew@
  • Keyes,Lucas
  • Loeblich, Hans
  • Mancuso, Matt
  • McCabe, Matt
  • McIntosh, Roland
  • McLaughlin, Chris
  • Miliano, Vitorio
  • Miller, Danny
  • Mitchell, David
  • Mossey, Kevin
  • Niemczyk, Brandon
  • Olson, Erik
  • Rich, Michael
  • Ristroph, Robert
  • Robison, Chris$$
  • Ross, Jessica
  • Saunders, Joe$$
  • Silverman, Dustin
  • Smith, Michael
  • Swarin, Douglas
  • Swarin, Patricia
  • Tyler, Bill
  • Vaughan, Marshall
  • Wheaton, Pat
  • Wiggins, John
  • Williams, Gardner
  • Williams, Robert
  • Yu, Oliver$$

Members' and Patrons' Personal Pages