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NOTE: This policy is still under development.

Non-Member Instructors

Allowed when invited by or paid by the space, with group approval. For example, Adam Savage of Mythbusters might be paid to put on an event where he teaches molding methods.

If there is a special case where a non-member wishes to teach a course to our members, it will require discussion and approval by the Director of Education.

Director of Education Approval is required under the following conditions:

  • Not free for the students (material cost covered in other clauses)
  • Materials must be purchased from a specific source
  • If there are any safety concerns for the students
  • Uses a significant part of the space available
  • Place any risk on the space, damage etc
  • Adds a cost to the operating expense of the place, extra power for example
  • If the class is open (free or not) to non-member students.*
  • If anyone in the group asserts that the proposed class does need to be approved**
  • If there are any liability concerns
  • For exception cases not covered here, approval will be required. Use the group to start the discussion

* It is the intention that matters here. If the class is intended for members, non-members may attend as a guest, under the guest-related rules we already have in place. I do not know what those are. If the intention is to teach an open class without member focus, you will need approval.

** In other words, if anyone in the group thinks the class must be voted on, then it does.

Starting a Class

As a member, you simply post your proposed class to the group list. If there is interest, contact the Director of Education for moving forward. They will work with you to develop the class materials, perform a dry-run of the class and schedule classroom time for future classes.

See the [Contact us page] for the current Director of Education contact info.